What to Look for in an Assisted Living Community

Not all assisted living communities are created equal. Every community has its own set of services, amenities, and environment, and what someone else is looking for in an assisted living community may not match your wants and needs.

As an assisted living community in Smyrna, Georgia, Provident Village at Creekside understands the value of creating a community where individuals have access to quality care, convenient amenities, and meaningful relationships. If you are beginning your search for the perfect community for yourself or someone you know, you are in luck. We are sharing what to look for in an assisted living community to help you find the right one for your family.

Choose the Right Area

Beyond access to care and amenities, the community you choose is going to be your loved one’s home. As with any type of move, one of the most obvious things to consider when choosing an assisted living community is its location. 

  • Where do you want to live? Closer to family? A new state? 
  • Would you prefer living in or near a larger city or a more rural setting?
  • What about climate?

The goal of these questions is not to limit your options but to ensure you find a community for yourself or a loved one in an area you are proud to call home.

Provident Village at Creekside is centrally located right off 285 in Smyrna, Georgia, one of the fastest-growing cities in the state. Less than five miles from Atlanta, Smyrna offers history, culture, unique dining experiences, beautiful parks and trails, and so much more. 

Find the Right Level of Care

If you are considering assisted living, it is likely because you or someone you know needs additional support and attention. Finding a community that offers the right level and type of care for your needs is vital.

You want to find an assisted living community that offers care tailored to your needs and goals and helps you maintain your independence. Some questions to keep in mind:

  • Does the community offer activities catered to my loved one’s needs?
  • What is the resident to care partner ratio?
  • Are team members available around the clock to provide assistance?

Provident Village at Creekside’s assisted living lifestyle focuses on allowing residents to live as independently as they want while providing the care that they need. Our care partners provide the appropriate level of support to enhance the quality of life of those we serve.

Function, Feeling, and Floor Plans

Once you have found communities that meet your location and care needs, it is time to feel out the community. If possible, take a tour – virtual or in-person – and explore the layout and elements of the community.

  • Can you picture yourself or your loved one here? 
  • What is the impression you get from the staff?

Just because an assisted living community checks all the boxes on paper does not mean it is the perfect fit for you. While moving to a new home can evoke various emotions, the community should provide you with excitement, possibility, and peace of mind. 

Amenities: Acceptable or Exceptional?

Finding a community with amenities that meet your interests and add convenience goes a long way in enhancing your assisted living lifestyle. 

  • What social activities are offered?
  • What common spaces are available for residents and guests?
  • Does the community have any outdoor spaces?
  • Is the community pet-friendly?
  • Does the community provide transportation services?

The Heart of the Home

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home for good reason. We all need and want delicious and nutritious food. A major part of leading an active, healthy, and fulfilling lifestyle is maintaining a balanced diet, so don’t overlook the dining experience at assisted living communities.

  • How is the dining venue?
  • Do the menu options change regularly?
  • Can the menu be catered to preferences and dietary restrictions?
  • Are there set mealtimes in the community?
  • Can you stop by for a free meal to experience their dining firsthand?

At Provident Village at Creekside, we believe mealtimes are about more than food. We invite guests and families to join us for a free meal and enjoy our unique dining experience!

Finding the right community for you or a loved one is a significant decision. Provident Village at Creekside proudly offers assisted living, early-stage memory care, and memory care options for individuals and families in the Smyrna, Georgia, area. 

Care is the cornerstone at Creekside, and our mission is to deliver the highest quality care, foster independence, and create an inviting atmosphere for residents and families to enjoy. We invite you to contact us to learn more.


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