4 Tips to Ease Your Loved One’s Transition into Memory Care

Moving can be overwhelming and full of unknowns. When you were a child, maybe you had to transfer to a new school and felt anxious about making new friends. As a young adult, you moved out of your parents’ house and probably felt overwhelmed with how to navigate being on your own.

Moving as an older adult is no different. Not only is your parent or family member leaving their long-term house, but they may also feel anxious about navigating their new environment.

Transitioning to a memory care community does not have to be overwhelming for your loved one, though. Provident Village at Creekside offers multiple levels of memory care and dementia care in Smyrna, Georgia, and we want to help your family make the transition as smooth as possible. 

1. Familiarize Your Loved One with the Community

If you had the chance to visit your new school as a child and make friends before you moved, would that have helped relieve your anxiety? A big part of the hesitation that comes before a move is not knowing what to expect. Fortunately, Provident Village at Creekside in Smyrna, Georgia, offers new residents and their families the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the community.

While the initial visit and tour of a memory care community is an important first step, it is not enough for your loved one to get comfortable with their new home. Regularly visiting the community before moving (as permitted) can help you and your loved one familiarize yourselves with the care staff and residents and get comfortable with the layout of the community.

Already having friends and knowing what to expect can help calm nerves on moving day!

2. Handle the Logistics for Your Loved One

While you may think that involving your loved one in the packing process can be helpful, it can actually be an overwhelming experience for them. Hesitation toward transitioning into a memory care community may be about more than getting comfortable with a new environment; they may also be hesitant about leaving their house. 

Sorting through and packing the sentimental items that helped make their current house a home could be an emotional process resulting in them not wanting to leave. By packing and handling all the moving logistics for your family member, you remove a layer of stress and allow them to focus on the positive aspects of this change.

3. Decorate Their Space with Familiar Items

Decorating your loved one’s new apartment with their favorite items and furnishings can help make it feel like home.

Hang family pictures and their favorite artwork on the walls, make the bed with their favorite comforter, and arrange their furniture in a familiar layout. Work with the community to determine if you can bring your own furniture. If so, furnish your loved one’s new apartment with their favorite chair or other pieces of familiar furniture.

By filling your parent or family member’s memory care apartment with the elements of home, you are helping ease their transition and making them feel comfortable in their new space.

4. Continue to Visit & Communicate After the Move

Transitioning a loved one to a memory care community is an emotional change. While you know that the care and support they will receive is more than you can provide, you may still feel sad about the inability to see them as often as you once did.

Provident Village at Creekside encourages family involvement and invites family members and friends to regularly visit and communicate with their loved ones. 

Memory Care at Provident Village at Creekside

At Provident Village at Creekside, we offer the highest quality of memory care in Smyrna, Georgia. Our goal is to provide compassionate, person-centered care that empowers individuals to live as independently as possible by focusing on their strengths. We treat our memory and dementia care residents with the dignity and respect they deserve and create meaningful and purposeful experiences so they are equipped with the tools to lead engaging lifestyles.

Know that you are making the right decision for your loved one. To learn more about our memory and dementia care community in Smyrna, Georgia, or for more tips on easing the transition, contact a member of the Provident Village at Creekside team.


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